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Product Name:Chromium HydrideMolecular Formula:CrH
Name:Chromium PowderFeature:CE Approval
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metal hydride,hydride compounds

CrH Powder Chromium Hydride Powder with compounds of Chromium and hydrogen

Brief Description  of Chromium Hydride Powder

Chromium hydrides are compounds of Chromium and hydrogen,  and possibly other elements.

The hydrogen in typical chromium hydride alloys may contribute only a few hundred parts per million in weight at ambient temperatures.

Varying the amount of hydrogen and other alloying elements, and their form in the chromium hydride either as solute elements, or as precipitated phases, expedites the movement of dislocations in chromium,

And thus controls qualities such as the hardness,ductility, and tensile strength of the resulting chromium hydride. 


Properties of  Chromium Hydride Powder

Even in the narrow range of concentrations that make up chromium hydride, mixtures of hydrogen and chromium can form a number of different structures, with very different properties.

At room temperature  the most stable form of pure chromium is the body-centered-cubic 

(BCC) structure α-chromium. It is a fairly hard metal that can dissolve only a small concentration of hydrogen.

Electroplating chromium metal from a chromate solution involves the formation of chromium hydride.

If the temperature is high enough the chromium hydride rapidly decomposes as it forms, yielding microcrystalline body-centred cubic chromium.

Solid hexagonal CrH can burn in air with a bluish flame.

It is ignitable with a burning match

Ralated alloys

The hydrogen content of chromium hydride is between zero and a few hundred parts per million in weight for plain chromium-hydrogen alloys.

These values vary depending on alloying elements,  such as iron,manganese,vanadium,titanium   and so on.

Other materials are often added to the chromium/hydrogen mixture to produce chromium hydride alloy with desired properties.

Titanium in chromium hydride make the β-chromium form of the chromium-hydrogen solution more stable

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