Hafnium Tetrachloride HfCl4 Industrial Metal Powders CAS 13499-05-3 For Chemical Vapor Deposition

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Product Name:Hafnium TetrachlorideMolecular Formula:HfCl4
CAS:13499-05-3Appearance:White Crystalline Solid
Density:3.89 G/cm3Vapor Pressure:1 MmHg At 190 °C
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chemical powder, metal raw material


CAS 13499-05-3 Hafnium Tetrachloride HfCl4 used for chemical vapor deposition

Brief Description Of  Hafnium Tetrachloride HfCl4

Hafnium(IV) chloride is the inorganic compound  with the formula HfCl4.

This colourless solid is the precursor  to most hafnium organometallic compounds.

It has a variety of highly specialized applications, mainly in materials science and as a catalyst.

Application of Hafnium Tetrachloride HfCl4

1. Hafnium tetrachloride is the precursor to highly active catalysts for the Ziegler-Natta polymerization of alkenes,  especially propylence. 

Typical catalysts are derived from tetrabenzylhafnium. 

2. HfCl4 is an effective Lewis acid for various applications in organic synthesis.

3. It was found to yield better results than other Lewis acids when used with aryl and aliphatic aldoximes, allowing specific exo-isomer  formation.

4. HfCl4 was considered as a precursor for  chemical vapor deposition and atmoic layer deposition of hafnium dioxide and hafnium silicate,used as high-k dielectrics  in manufacture of modern high-density integrated circuits

Separation of Zr and Hf

The separation of HfCl4 and ZrCl4 is difficult because the compounds of Hf and Zr have very similar chemical and physical properties.

Their atomic radii are similar: the atomic radius is 156.4 pm for hafnium, whereas that of Zr is 160 pm.

These two metals undergo similar reactions and form similar coordination complexes.

One method is based on the difference in the reducibility between the two tetrahalides.

The tetrahalides can in be separated by selectively reducing the zirconium compound to one or more lower halides or even zirconium.

The hafnium tetrachloride remains substantially unchanged during the reduction and may be recovered readily from the zirconium subhalides.

Hafnium tetrachloride is volatile and can therefore easily be separated from the involatile zirconium trihalide.


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