Strontium Nitride Powder Sr3N2 CAS 12033-82-8 For Light – Emitting Materials

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Place of Origin: China
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Certification: CE/ISO9001

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Product Name:Strontium NitrideMolar Mass:290.87 G/mol
Molecular Formula:Sr3N2Sharpe:Powder
Solubility In Water:ReactsMelting Point:1,200[1] °C (2,190 °F; 1,470 K)
CAS:12033-82-8EINECS No:234-795-2
High Light:

nitride element, nitrate chemical


CAS 12033-82-8 Strontium Nitride Powder Sr3N2 used for light-emitting materials
Breif introduction of Strontium Nitride Powder Sr3N2
Strontium nitride, Sr3N2, is produced by burning strontium  metal in air (resulting in a mixture with strontium oxide ) or in introgen. 
Like other metal nitrides, it reacts with water to give strontium hydroxide and ammonia:
Sr3N2 + 6 H2O → 3 Sr(OH)2 + 2 NH3
Specification of Strontium Nitride Powder Sr3N2

Product Name

Chemical Composition (Wt%)
















Particle Size(μm)

according to user request

Application of Strontium Nitride Powder Sr3N2
Used for light-emitting materials, phosphors and other raw materials.
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