Titanium Nitride TiN Powder Yellow Color CAS 25583-20-4 Diamond Tools Application

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Product Name:Titanium NitrideCAS:25583-20-4
Molecular Formula:TiNColor:Yellow
Density:5.22 G/cm3Melting Point:2,930 °C (5,310 °F; 3,200 K)
EINECS:247-117-5Molar Mass:61.874 G/mol
High Light:

metal nitride, nitrate chemical


Titanium Nitride TiN powder Nitride Series for diamond tools CAS 25583-20-4

Breif introduction of Titanium Nitride TiN Powder

Depending on the substrate material and surface finish, TiN will have a coefficient of friction ranging from 0.4 to 0.9 against another TiN surface (non-lubricated).

Titanium nitride is also produced intentionally within some steels by judicious addition of titanium to the alloy . TiN forms at very high temperatures because of its very low enthalpy of formation , and even nucleates directly from the melt in secondary steelmaking.

It forms discrete, micrometre-sized cubicparticles at grain boundaries and triple points, and prevents grain growth by Ostwald ripening up to very high homologous temperatures . Titanium nitride has the lowest solubility productof any metal nitride or carbide in austenite, a useful attribute in microalloyed steel formulas.

Specification of Titanium Nitride TiN Powder

Brand                  Chemical Composition %
TiNN(≥)C(≤)SI(≤)Fe (≤)
Size        -250 mesh, -325 mesh, -400 mesh.
Application of Titanium Nitride TiN Powder

1. Used as diamond tools, metal-ceramic, high temperature alloy additives.

Titanium nitride is an extremely hard  ceramic material, often used as a coating on titanium alloys ,steel ,carbide and alumium  components to improve the substrate’s surface properties.

3. Applied as a thin coating, TiN is used to harden and protect cutting and sliding surfaces, for decorative purposes (due to its golden appearance), and as a non-toxic exterior for medical impants . In most applications a coating of less than 5 micrometres (0.00020 in) is applied.

4. Though less visible, thin films  of TiN are also used in microelectronics.

5. Due to their high biostability, TiN layers may also be used as electrodes inbioelectronic applications like in intelligent implants  or in-vivo biosensors that have to withstand the severe corrosion caused by body fluids.

6. TiN electrodes have already been applied in the subretinal prosthesis project as well as in biomedical microelectromechanical systems .

Characteristics of Titanium Nitride TiN Powder

TiN has a vickers hardness  of 1800–2100, a modulus of elasticty  of 251 GPa, a thermal expansion coefficient   of 9.35×10−6 K−1, and a superconducting transition temperature of 5.6 K.

TiN will oxidize at 800 °C in a normal atmosphere. It is chemically stable at 20 °C, according to laboratory tests, but can be slowly attacked by concentrated acid solutions with rising temperatures.

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